GLASS AT HOME - From something everyday to something unique

At interested builders of new homes, home conversions and renovations can now find ideas about how to use glass in the building and in the home. You can select from three types of houses and take a look at how versatile glass is as a building product.

The use of glass opens up endless possibilities. For example, glass changes the impact of a building from the outside simply by the choice of insulation glass used (e.g. solar control glass with a coloured reflective coating). As windows define the appearance of any house. But there’s even more: you can give your house a totally unique look with glass facades, glass staircases, glass canopies or even glass balustrades.

Numerous varieties are also perfect for a more transparent and unique home design inside too. Almost everything in the house can be made out of glass, e.g. stairs, doors, furniture, showers. For example, walls or cupboard surfaces can even be clad with glass or made out of glass. As a result individual design and extraordinary transparency are combined with your own colour ideas. The result is easy to clean, durable surfaces and unique glass at home.

The examples shown are to inspire you, highlight the possibilities and invite you to dream. As only once you have formed your own ideas can the building owner’s personal advice be quickly and comprehensively transformed into concrete planning.

Any building owner can browse through a 3D animation at and experience the possible applications as real projects with example photos. Important information is provided for every selectable product. For example, brief explanations about how it works, tips on how to use it, product properties and specialist terminology is of course also explained in comprehensible language. Interesting products can be noted directly onto a wish list and really easily sent my email to an adviser at the end. As a result, the content for initial discussions is precisely defined and the potential customer receives the information they want without going the long way round.

A short video at the start explains how the website works and highlights the possibilities. It is of course possible to switch back to the product page at with more detailed technical information at any time. The website shows a cross-section of the possibilities of glass in construction and will be constantly added to gradually and expanded with new products. Living with glass? But of course: at





About UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG:

uniGlas® is an alliance, unique in the flat glass market segment, of medium-sized, independent companies in insulation glass production and glass finishing which now has sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Slovenia.
Founded in November 1995 by German and Austrian companies in Frankfurt/Main, UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG has its head office in Montabaur, Rhineland-Palatinate, today.
The membership now consists of 20 companies with 22 factories and roughly 1,500 qualified employees in total. The numerous uniGlas® member businesses process flat glass using state-of-the-art technologies and machinery and offer an extensive range of high-quality insulation and special glass. Each member participates in uniGlas® with equal rights. The cooperation’s strength particularly lies in the pooling of expertise and experience combined with the constant transfer of technical knowledge between all the uniGlas® partners.

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