UNIGLAS® | CREATIVE: design with ulterior motives

Trainees from UNIGLAS companies have competed against each other for the third time as part of a creative competition. Just like every year the topic is: glass in its most diverse possibilities of use and a wide variety of design implementations, The up-and-coming young talent have proved that they can handle the material glass expertly this year too.

Achieving more together – that is not only the motto of UNIGLAS; the trainees at UNIGLAS companies know and value this too. As many creative heads, paired with specialist skill and technical education, create perfect results. And that is exactly what was required from the trainees at this year’s uniGlas® | Creative competition.

The objective of the creative competition this year left plenty of scope for ideas. The aim was to create a glass mural on the topic “Dream. Plan. Live”. The submitted exhibit has to be a joint project between the commercial and technical trainees; the result of creativity and the acquired skills of handling the industry’s own material. A simple topic at first glance but in contrast to previous years the objective had a number of pitfalls. A purely digital print was namely ruled out; at the end of the day creative and teamwork was called for. The result of working together was a whole variety of different exhibits displaying skill and imagination.

“It is impressive just how creatively the young minds in our companies work. The objective was implemented so differently and yet so appropriately that it was very difficult to choose a winner. We would have preferred to reward them all with first place,” says Yvonne Kuhlmann, Head of Marketing at UNIGLAS.

In the end the design by the trainees from J. Rickert GmbH & Co. KG won. The reward is a EUR 500 cash prize. All the submitted exhibits will also be displayed and presented on our website once again. And all the entrants will of course get together again in the summer at the annual team event in Montabaur.


About UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG:

uniGlas® is an alliance, unique in the flat glass market segment, of medium-sized, independent companies in insulation glass production and glass finishing which now has sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Slovenia.
Founded in November 1995 by German and Austrian companies in Frankfurt/Main, UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG has its head office in Montabaur, Rhineland-Palatinate, today.
The membership now consists of 20 companies with 22 factories and roughly 1,500 qualified employees in total. The numerous uniGlas® member businesses process flat glass using state-of-the-art technologies and machinery and offer an extensive range of high-quality insulation and special glass. Each member participates in uniGlas® with equal rights. The cooperation’s strength particularly lies in the pooling of expertise and experience combined with the constant transfer of technical knowledge between all the uniGlas® partners.

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