Vacuum Insulation
... and you insulate your façade

Buildings with good thermal insulation save considerable energy and ensure a noticeably better feeling of comfort.

UNIGLAS | PANEL is a highly heat-insulating insulation glass with a sophisticated structure. In the inside is a vacuum insulation panel (VIP) with extremely good insulation values. This trendsetting form of thermal insulation is the result of recent, innovative research.

The principle of thermal insulation with UNIGLAS | PANEL is similar to that of a thermos flask. A vacuum is the best possible thermal insulation – the thermos flask keeps the contents warm – UNIGLAS | PANEL the whole building.

Convincing Advantages:

  • energy savings and reduction of costs due to the highest thermal insulation
  • outstanding insulation effect with a thickness of only 1/10 of that of conventional insulation materials
  • can be installed in all common mullion and transom designs
  • space-saving, slender design