Noise Control Glass
...and you have your peace and quiet

UNIGLAS | PHON Sound Reduction Glass

Noise is irritating and makes people ill. But that does not mean that people living in noisy environments need to wall themselves in. Modern noise control glass in the UNIGLAS | PHON series acts like a wall against sound - and gives you back peace and quiet.

According to each source of noise, location and how a space is used, the individual noise control concept is adapted to you and your object. UNIGLAS | PHON Sound reduction glass can be combined with a ariety of useful functions such as sun, thermal and object protection. Your UNIGLAS partner is will be happy to help you select the right glass.

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UNIGLAS | PHON Sound Reduction Glass


UNIGLAS | Phon Tender specifications

When it comes to calculation and costing, tender specifications are an important tool for architects, foremen and fitters. As a special service, UNIGLAS provides pre-formulated tender specifications for all UNIGLAS products.

To open the files you will need Adobe Acrobat Readertl_files/basic/Adobe Button.jpg