Safety glass
...and you feel safe

UNIGLAS | SAFE Safety Glass

UNIGLAS | SAFE offers a complete product range of anti-attack glass for all relevant security requirements in private and public applications.

Transport safety, i.e. protection of people against injuries and preventing break-ins are the two primary areas of application for UNIGLAS | SAFE safety glass.

The types are divided into different, successive safety classes:

  • anti-crash glass
  • anti-vandal glass
  • penetration-resistant glass
  • bullet-resistant glass
  • explosion-resistant glass

further Informations

UNIGLAS | SAFE Safety glass


UNIGLAS | Safe Tender specifications

When it comes to calculation and costing, tender specifications are an important tool for architects, foremen and fitters. As a special service, UNIGLAS provides pre-formulated tender specifications for all UNIGLAS products.


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