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...and energy consumption remains outside

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The ambitions of contemporary architecture are closely interlinked with the use of glass. Large-area glass frontages let daylight, sunshine and hence mother nature into building interiors.

The transition from the glass to the frame is however a weak spot that impairs thermal insulation of the window or facade. UNIGLAS®|STARFLS Flexible Spacers offer a solution to this that meets every requirement for energy efficiency and ecology-minded building. This means that in the area of the glass rim too, optimum thermal insulation is achieved and condensation is greatly reduced thanks to the materials used.

Advantages at a glance:

  • marked Psi value improvement at the edge area and hence improved U-value of the entire window
  • more even surface temperature
  • greatly reduced condensate formation at the edge area of the glazing
  • elastic edge connection reduces the stresses on the glass
  • energy saving and greater comfort
  • no disturbing reflections from metallic spacers, instead adjustment to the colour of the window frame
  • top quality and maximum life span
  • spacer offsets in triple glazing minimized by the use of robot technology

further Informations

UNIGLAS | SHADE Venetion Blind System


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