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UNIGLAS | TOP Energie-Saving Glass

These days, we must above all continue to raise our standards of heat insulation. It is therefore necessary to constantly develop new products with improvements and innovations.

New technologies lead to the development of further improved types of heat insulation glass. The heat transfer coefficient, also known as the Ug-value, is decisive for heat insulation. The lower this is, the higher the saving of energy.

With the new UNIGLAS | TOP Premium 1.1, we are offering the most efficient solution for the minimisation of energy loss for standard construction currently on the market. With a Ug-value of 1.1 – meeting the tightened European standards – the highest heat insulation can be achieved with UNIGLAS | TOP Premium 1.1.

Rising energy costs and greater environmental awareness demand efficient measures for saving energy at home and at work.  With the new UNIGLAS | TOP range of products, UNIGLAS  is providing an excellent alternative to normal heat insulation glass.

Minimum emissions – maximum protection of the environment
Requirements for modern heat insulation glass have changed greatly over the past few years.

UNIGLAS | TOP 0.6 triple glazing sets new standards, as a component suitable for use in passive houses. It not only has very good heat insulation properties but is also able to passively absorb free energy from sunlight. This use of the sun has a positive influence on the energy balance and saves precious resources.

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UNIGLAS | TOP Energy-saving glass


UNIGLAS | Top Tender specifications

When it comes to calculation and costing, tender specifications are an important tool for architects, foremen and fitters. As a special service, UNIGLAS provides pre-formulated tender specifications for all UNIGLAS products.

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