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UNIGLAS | TOP Energiegewinnglas


Light and heat – two properties synonymous with cosiness and comfort. The need for glass as a transparent material is greatest at those times of the year where days are shorter and hours of sunlight are fewer. The aim is to get the best possible home comfort with maximum energy efficiency.

Rising energy costs and increased environmental awareness call for efficient measures to save energy both in the home and at the workplace. UNIGLAS® offers with its UNIGLAS®|TOP product series an excellent alternative to conventional heat-insulating glass types. That‘s effective environmental protection with a bright future!

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Outstanding light transmittance
  • Forward-looking climate protection

Maximum light incidence, neutral colour rendering together with thermal insulation.
With UNIGLAS®|TOP Pure Energy-Saving Glass, high light transmission is assured on gloomier days too. As a double or triple insulating glass, UNIGLAS®|TOP Pure combines high light transmittance, an extremely neutral colour rendering and energy efficiency all at once.

As triple insulating glazing, the new UNIGLAS®| TOP Pure Energy-saving glass attains a very low Ug value of 0.6 W/m2K. With a total energy transmittance (g-value) of 53 percent, this glass ensures solar energy gains. Light transmittance is, at 74 percent, unusually high for triple glazing.

Advantages and values

  • Excellent Ug value of 0.6 W/m2K, ensuring efficient reduction of the heating energy costs plus preservation of the environment.
  • Colour rendering index of 96 and lower, meaning almost untinged reflection and transparency.
  • Very high light transmittance of 74%, resulting in lots of natural daylight as well as a reduction
    in artificial lighting.
  • A light reflectance of 14%, meaning colourneutral reflection without annoying mirror effects.

further Informations

UNIGLAS | TOP Pure Energy-saving glass


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